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OpenStreetMap and the Buses in Nicaragua – Presentation in Casa Vínculos, Estelí

The ultimate years, we from MapaNica – the OpenStreetMap community in Nicaragua – worked on different projects related to maps. One of our largest projects we ever did was mapping all urban buses of Managua, Nicaragua’s capital, and producing the first public transport map of all Central America.
One year and a half ago, volunteers of the Town Partnership Office in Estelí and weltwärts (German) started mapping the urban buses of Estelí – without knowledge of the work done in Managua. Six months later, the two groups started working together to improve the dates and to bring the project to the next level which they presented in this talk: the first mobile application to navigate through the public transport in Managua, Estelí and some national routes.

The presentation was held at Casa Vínculos, Estelí, Nicaragua, on March, 7th and talked about «OpenStreetMap, MapaNica and the Buses in Nicaragua».
The speakers Mikolai Gütschow and Nico Alt talked about their work on mapping the buses in Estelí which they did together with help of volunteers in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.

If you can, please help us reaching more people by subtitling the video which you can do directly in YouTube.

You can find the slides here.
More information about the application Transportr you can find here.
Its code is available here.
If you want to collect dates, you can find information here.
The program to convert the dates from OpenStreetMap to the standard format GTFS can be found here.
If you want to use the dates directly, you can download them here.
The wiki of OpenStreetMap Nicaragua, where for example a list of all buses in Nicaragua is available, you can visit here.
If you want to improve the timetable of Estelí by for example putting information about special dates, you can do that here.
You are invited to participate in the mailing list of OpenStreetMap in Nicaragua. You can register yourself here.

Many thanks to Mika Silas Stötzel for filming the presentation. We would also like to thank the following projects and organizations:
Casa VínculosTown Partnership Office Estelí, Welthaus Bielefeld, weltwärts, Transportr, navitia, OpenStreetMap, Audacity, Kdenlive, SimpleScreenRecorder, osm2gtfs

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